New song – “Take What You Can Carry (Scientist Dub One)” available on BandCamp, February 21st, 2020

“Take What You Can Carry” (Scientist Dub One)

Mia is sharing her song, “Take What You Can Carry,” with you today to celebrate the resolution passed this week by California lawmakers to formally apologize for the Legislature’s role in the incarceration of over 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.  Three generations of Mia’s family were taken from their homes and imprisoned in these camps for the duration of the war.  She hopes to shed light on this injustice in the hope that this discriminatory action should not be condoned or repeated.  Mia‘s grandparents are pictured in the historical photo used as the cover image, waiting to have their fingerprints taken at Tule Lake Internment Camp.

Mia‘s classic reggae protest song is presented here in an original dub mix by Hopeton Overton Brown AKA “Scientist.”


Mia Doi Todd – vocal & piano
Money Mark Nishita – bandleader, arrangements
Maia, Dwight Trible & Jimetta Rose – choir
Michael Hyde – keyboard
Jesse Peterson – guitar
Merlo Podlewski – bass
William Logan – drums & sanshin
Sean Okaguchi – trumpet
Jon Hatamiya – trombone
Sam Gendel – alto saxophone
Tracy Wannomae – tenor saxophone
Andres Renteria, Allakoi Peete & Alberto Lopez – percussion

Recorded at Barefoot Studio, Los Angeles
Engineered by Tim O’Sullivan
Mixed by Scientist at Studio City Sound
Mastered by Miles Senzaki at Grandma’s Dojo